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décembre 2016

Expo : … Déc. Merc 07 ITALIE / BOLOGNE – Catalogue

By Exposition


Le texte du catalogue de l’exposition et les images des 2 peintures exposées.

2 peintures présentés jeudi 25-11-16 à Bologne. Galleria FARINI Concept.

Swirls of inspirations, languages in which art, no matter if we consider painting music or drawing, has the predominant rôle : Thierry LO, is animated by these media, He made a kind of circular path, starting from traditional and academic studies, and then veering off the music, as a dj and producer. Recently he has come back to art and he has decided to bring his work in Bologna, on the oxxasion of the XV International Collective Arte a Palazzo – Dynamics of Contemporary, Read More