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GALLERIA FARINI CONCEPT À BOLOGNE / ITALIE https://www.facebook.com/events/1791176221137604/

Le texte du catalogue de l’exposition et les images des 2 peintures exposées.

2 peintures présentés jeudi 25-11-16 à Bologne. Galleria FARINI Concept.

Swirls of inspirations, languages in which art, no matter if we consider painting music or drawing, has the predominant rôle : Thierry LO, is animated by these media, He made a kind of circular path, starting from traditional and academic studies, and then veering off the music, as a dj and producer. Recently he has come back to art and he has decided to bring his work in Bologna, on the oxxasion of the XV International Collective Arte a Palazzo – Dynamics of Contemporary,

The Breton artist presents two works, « South American » and « Pied de Tambour Femelle« , both realized in 2015, Two works decidedly characterized by a synthesis of traits which take position against the rôle assigned to color, that has a powerful impact, Realism and mimesis are not protagonists of Thierry LO‘s depictions ; the manner remember Baumeister’s lesson with broad fields of color, oil and pastels that give rise, in a deeply rhythmic relationship, to an inhabited landscape with caracters not as recognizable as the titles would let understand. Thierry LO creates a personal bestiary, imagined and realised in its entire pictorial and graphic trend. Small appendages are combined with other forms, according to what may also be imagined as a kind of language dictated by an automatism of signs,

The prerogative of his « painted drawings », as they have been defined, is to be the first tracked first and outlined by graphite and then defined by the painting, What is determined is a constant power which seems to unfold along the entire surface, where the subjects undergo phantasmagoric mutations in the manner of Kokoschka. What comes to life in Thierry LO‘s works and develops according to matrices that seem to come from emersions related to the psyche is a kind of world into himself, a microcosm that lives of disconnected formal representations. Are they liberating or Cathartic forms ? Certainly they are narrations that belong to a completely original primer, which are based formally, to the experiences of German expressionism and create an incredible energy.

In the works exhibited here lives a duality of spirits, between the childlike and humurous, while the semiotic dialogue find in the relationship between meaning and significance, research of an handfold. Thierry LO contrats the passivity of the representation of « tout court » narration with a primitive taste for the sign and for the gesture able too determine a synthesis, even tending to the abstract, of a story or of a character.

Lights and shadows take place in this cosmogony to dictate a sense for the reading of the fruition act. In the case of « South American » the subtle sign from which arises the image seems a symbol of a subconscious reflex that only in secundis has found its ontological and reasoned meaning. For what concerns « Pied De Tambour Femelle« , the construction of the compositional structure is rooted even in the rock art, including primitive figures and, for the subordination imposed by the subject, it creates a kind of disturbing chaos that is more perceptive than visual, The observer will feel almost overwhelmed by what the artist has described but not for that he has to feat something ; he has to find out with an analytic act what is really hidden below those signs colors that Thierry LO choose to express himself.